New VIVA Podcast – Episode 3 – Finding the Piece that Fits

New VIVA Podcast – Episode 3 – Finding the Piece that Fits​

Nursing vs Therapy. Not really – it’s Nursing + Therapy. Two equal professions with common goals, which makes me think of a puzzle. Stay with me on this thought. Recently, my MIL gave me a thousand-piece puzzle, because she knows I love putting puzzles together. It was Noah’s Ark, so it had primarily blue puzzle pieces.

White puzzle with yellow background

A thousand shades of blue. Did you know you can have grey-blue, white-blue, purple-blue, blue-blue and even a yellow blue? And yes, I now realize the fancy word for yellow blue would be blue green. This puzzle was hard, and it took our family squad at least 3+ months to complete.

The point is, each person came to the puzzle table with unique skills and talents to recognize their shade of blue, and it was easy for each of us to assemble our section of the puzzle.

I feel like that’s how it is with therapy and nursing.  We all have the same goal: the health, welfare, and recovery of our patient. However, our individual skills and talents allow us to provide quality care to that individual. So, when we communicate well, respect each other’s skill set and expertise, we are able to create a beautiful puzzle. And hopefully, as the puzzle is completed, we create great memories and fun stories together!

Today we are talking to Nurse Kim about her story and her passion for her profession. Click below to listen.

It was never hard for me to take care of her, but I felt tired. That’s when the doctor referred my daughter to VIVA Pediatrics and they were for my daughter, a hope and a magnificent quality of life. I now have a nurse I consider part of my family."