New VIVA Podcast – Renewing Your Passions

New VIVA Podcast – Renewing Your Passions​

It’s finally the day. The podcast has been published! All the worries and what-ifs are out there for the VIVA nation to hear.

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Have you ever felt stuck in the daily tasks of life and your job?

I love my job. I love engaging with families and seeing the littles we work with gain a new skill and smile. It’s the best feeling ever! To me, it means I have contributed to this world to being better. I enjoy the silence of driving in my car as I gather my thoughts for the next visit. At the same time, when it gets monotonous and the weather get dreary, I’m like “not today!”

Our hopes for this podcast are that by sharing stories and ideas, we revive our industry and renew our love for our occupation, patients, and goals. The whole reason we went to school, took state exams and worried about grades was to help others.

Listen and join as we explore our passion for our profession. We thank VIVA for supporting this adventure!

Click below to listen to Stephanie and Jennifer chat.

Even though our daughter faced many challenges when she was born, VIVA was able to help us raise her to be a healthy girl. They just offer so much to the families. Thank you VIVA for doing an awesome job!"

Emilia and Michael