VIVA Special Thanks And Recognition (STAR) Program Guidelines

The Special Thanks and Recognition “STAR” Program is designed to:
• Foster a spirit of “one for all and all for one”
• Reinforce organizational values, behaviors and operating principles
• Recognize outstanding contributions by individuals, by teams and as an organization

The objectives of the STAR Program are:
• To foster a “thank you” culture overall
• To tangibly reward employees in a small way on the spot in a real‐time basis
• To highlight the behaviors the organization would like to see emulated by other employees
• To acknowledge individual and team accomplishments
• To create memorable experiences not only for our customers but for each other, every day.

Who is eligible?
The program applies to all employees ‐ full time, part time, and temporary.

Who chooses the recipients?
Anyone employed at VIVA or receiving services is welcome to extend a STAR coin to another individual. Rewards can be given peer to peer, supervisor to subordinate, subordinate to supervisor, or patient/family member to employee. You can complete a VIVA Star form by completing a VIVA STAR Candidate Submission form at

How does it work?
Simply fill out the STAR form describing the good deed demonstrated and provide to your immediate supervisor for approval. If approved, your supervisor will turn the form in to HR. As a token of appreciation, you will be rewarded with a STAR coin. The STAR coin does not have a monetary value and cannot be transferable from one employee to another. The STAR coin is earned through good deeds only.

What is considered a good deed?
A good deed is defined as anything that is outside the realm of the employee’s regular duties including but not limited to actions going above and beyond, demonstrating outstanding behaviors and values, contributions to
the goals and objectives of the organization.

How do I redeem my STAR coins?
The STAR coin can be redeemed for VIVA rewards. View the VIVA STAR Reward Catalog located at Once you decide on a reward, complete the VIVA STAR Reward Redemption Form at

Human Resources is responsible for official interpretation of the program. All questions regarding the application of this program should be directed to HR.

You can download these STAR Program Guidelines by clicking on the link below:

STAR Program Guidelines.pdf